Frequently Asked Questions

    What payment methods do you take?

    I strongly recommend using Paypal - if this is for some reason not available to you, let me know and we can work out an alternate way of transferring money.

    Do you make bodysuits?

    No. All of our suits are partials - we make heads, handpaws, feetpaws, tails, and armsleeves.


    Do you make moving jaws?

    Yes, we offer both moving and non-moving/static jaws.​

    Do you make realistic fursuits?

    No. All of our suits are toony/semi-toony.

    Where do you get your head bases, fur, and other supplies?

    I get most of my hardware from DreamVisionCreations (DVC) and Bardic Bestiary. My fur fabric I get mostly from

    Do you make copyrighted characters?

    No. This includes stuff from Disney, Pokemon, Digimon, etc. Because of copyright laws we are not allowed to re-create a character for money. Any copyrighted character suits you see on this site are my private projects.

    Then why do you show them in your gallery?

    They are only there to demonstrate skill and for your viewing pleasure.

    Do you do artistic freedom suits?

    Yes! Please let me know if you'd like to do one! 

    Do you require a reference sheet?

    Yes. It must have at least 2 views and show all of the markings and colors clearly. I do not go off of descriptions. Concept art is not needed for an artistic freedom suit.

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, I do! However, the buyer will be responsible for all shipping and import fees incurred.

    Do you have pets?

    Yes, I have one large dog and one small cat that lightly frequents my workspace. However, everything I make is cleaned before it is shipped.

    Do you smoke?

    No. My items are crafted in a smoke-free environment.

    How long have you been making suits?

    I have been making suits since Fall of 2013, but I didn't officially start my business until the Fall of 2017.

    How long does it take to make a suit?

    It typically takes me 2-3 months for me to build a partial suit. Individual pieces such as paws only, usually take about 3-6 weeks. Note that this is ONLY an estimation, and it ONLY accounts for the time it takes me from start to finish when working on a project - this does NOT account for your time sitting in the queue waiting your turn!

    Where are you located?

    Oklahoma, USA.

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