PeaceWolf Creations – Terms of Service

    Anyone interested in a custom fursuit/mascot commission by PeaceWolf Creations (PWC) must read and fully agree to these terms of service.

    You may contact me, view or request information about PWC in the following ways:

    My Website:
    Telegram Channel:
    Telegram Contact: @PeaceWolfCreations
    Trello Board: 

    My preferred method of contact is via Telegram.

    This TOS may be changed at my will, but commissioners before the change abide by the
    previous version. I suggest you download and print these Terms when you send the first
    payment as the updated date will be listed at the bottom of each page.

    Pricing and Quotes

    All prices on my website are listed at starting, base rates. As the complexity of your request
    increases, so will the price. All prices are as if you order only one item at a time. If you order multiple items, your final price
    will be discounted.

    Quotes are only good for the following 30 days. After 30 days, you must inquire for a new quote
    due to price fluctuations in building supplies. I will not provide a quote for exact copies of characters that are protected under copyright law. 

    When asking for a quote, I prefer to work with a full color, FLAT concept art. NO GRADIENTS. 
    Please do not send me a reference sheet that has complex shading – make it simple and easy to see the markings. 2-3 views of the character is best.


    Upon receipt of payment, you fully agree to the current Terms of Service and the commission is
    made official. Any updates thereafter to the terms of service will not apply.

    I will not accept payment from anyone under the age of 18. If you are under 18, I will only
    accept money from parents or legal guardians.

    Paypal is the preferred and generally safest method of payment.

    If your commission costs more than $200, we offer a payment plan.

    Material cost is what is due on the first payment if you're choosing to do our payment plan and

    is generally about 30-40%. The rest is due no later than 90 days after your first payment has been
    received. The material cost is non-refundable and is considered a deposit to hold your place.

    Work will not be started on the commission until the material deposit is received in full. You
    may make payments $200 or more each month until your suit is fully paid off. If your commission is less than $200, you must pay in full up front.



    I strongly recommend making sure you are financially able to afford buying a fursuit before
    contacting me. If you would like a refund and your suit has not been started, you may be
    refunded everything except the down payment. If your suit has been started and/or finished
    and you would like a refund you will be refunded according to how much work has been
    completed. I reserve the right to finish and sell your suit if this is the case. After the suit is
    completed there is no refund option. I reserve the right to terminate your commission at any
    time, with or without prior notice. 


    Communication with me is to be cordial and professional.

    The following would be considered grounds for termination if you in any way try to:

    Defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten myself or otherwise violate the rights of others, including, without limitation,
    others’ privacy rights or rights of publicity.

    Products will not be shipped unless they are 100% paid in full. If you are a local Oklahoma
    resident, you may have the option of free pickup. Otherwise, shipping cost is to be determined
    and is not included in the cost of quotes. It must be paid before shipment via a separate

    Supplies and Character Designs

    At the time of acceptance into my queue, you will have been given a price based on concept art
    and specifications given by you when you requested a quote. If you wish to later change your
    design or features this may affect your total price. I reserve the right to deny any changes to the
    character design.
    I get most of my hardware from DreamVisionCreations (DVC) and Bardic Bestiary. My fur fabric I get mostly from

    When commissioning a suit please keep in mind, I have limited colors I can find in fur. My main
    supplier has a pretty diverse color palette, but they don't have everything – I will try my best to
    match your colors as closely as possible but please keep an open mind.
    That being said, my supplier may also run out of stock of certain colors from time to time, and
    you may need to wait for me to get the color(s) of fur needed from them. The same applies for
    any other supplier I do business with.


    I reserve the right to post photos of your completed fursuit on my website and other pages.
    Each customer also has the right to repost pictures of their suit at their disposal. All other
    parties do not have the right to repost any of our pictures.
    I will provide pictures along the way once work has started so you are aware that progress is
    being made. Progress will also be posted and updated via Trello (see link at top).

    Allergy Warning

    Allergy warning: I do have a dog and cat who lightly frequent my workspace. Please be advised.
    All suit products are thoroughly brushed and disinfected before shipment.



    If you notice any issues upon receiving your suit, I am happy to fix them. Do not be afraid to
    contact me about anything you are unhappy about. If the issue is caused by user error or being
    too rough, I may charge for repairs. These will be taken case by case. Fursuits are handmade and
    do wear over time. It is recommended that each customer learns basic hand-sewing to do
    simple repairs that happen over time. We reserve the right to deny repairs if we feel you have
    intentionally caused harm to your suit or mistreated it in any way.

    Parts cannot be adjusted after they are made. Each piece is tailored to the exact measurements
    you give me when I ask for them, so please be as accurate as possible to avoid fitting issues. If
    you must have a part re-tailored, the entire piece will need to be remade, and you must pay for it.


    Some parts of the suit are more susceptible to damage, such as the eyes, claws, teeth, etc.
    Most damages can easily be repaired with a strong glue or some needle and thread.
    If you need more advice regarding repairs, feel free to ask me if you're not sure what to do and
    make sure you consult the fursuit care guide provided with your suit. It is specifically tailored to
    caring for my suits. You can also find this guide on my website here.

    Deadlines and Queue Placement

    I will not work on deadlines. Most projects are completed within two-three months after I start
    working on them (note that this does NOT include the time you may be waiting your turn in queue). However, things can sometimes come up and delay progress. Please be
    understanding and patient, I will keep you updated as to what progress is being made.


    When I am open for commissions, I reserve the right to pick which people I want to have in my
    queue if the number of people wanting a slot exceeds the number of slots I have available at
    the time I open. Based on whom I choose, I will then collect their first
    down payment, and put them in my queue in order based on personal preference. You MAY be given queue priority if you keep up with your payments in a timely fashion, but it is not guaranteed.


    Updated 11/30/2020

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