Fursuit Commissions

    All prices listed are starting prices only - please get a quote for an accurate estimate.

    Partial Fursuit
    Partial Fursuit$1,200.00
    Includes Head, Handpaws, Sleeves, Feetpaws, and Tail.
    Fursuit Head
    Fursuit Head$700.00
    Foam-based head mask. Tongue is made of fleece, and hard, resin teeth are optional. Eyes are made of painted, see-thru buckram and are follow-me. Nose is made of soft, squishy silicone. Jaw can be static or moving. Inside is lined with soft black fabric. Specific measurements will be required so that the mask fits your head.
    A pair of 4-fingered or 5-fingered gloves. Style can be basic, or higher-quality "puffy" paws. Pawpads can be silicone (realistic) or fleece (toony), and are optional. Resin or fabric claws for the fingers are optional. Inner fabric lining is also optional.
    Arm Sleeves
    Arm Sleeves$120.00
    A pair of sleeves for the arms. Specific measurements will be required as these are made custom-fitted to your arms.
    Fursuit Tail
    Fursuit Tail$125.00

    A fluffy tail with elastic loops that attaches to a belt.

    A pair of stompy shoes. Shoe size will be required. Hard, plastic claws for the toes are optional. The bottom is made of durable, light EVA foam and can be worn both inside and outside on smooth surfaces. Inside is lined with soft black fabric.
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