Our Charity - Safari's Sanctuary

    Every time PeaceWolf Creations™ makes a sale, a small percentage will be donated to a beloved local charity - Safari's Sanctuary.

    For over 20 years, Safari's has provided shelter, safety and care to over 200 discarded exotic animals, many that were previously kept as pets.

    Safari's has also been educating the public about the difficulties of caring for exotic wildlife through their "Zoo 2 You" program, helping to prevent the need for future animal rescues.

    The sanctuary welcomes the help of many volunteers, who get to work with and learn about the animals they are caring for.

    Having visited Safari's myself, it is very clear to see that ALL the animals are loved, healthy, and happy.

    To learn more about Safari's and ways you can help, please visit http://www.safarisanctuary.org

    Donated to Safari's Sanctuary (Since 1/17/2020)
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